I am Robert Gammon often referred to as just Gammon as well as a flurry of more insulting names.

I am a writer, podcaster and perpetual accident waiting to happen. I tend to write gaming news, reviews and events, as a long time contributor to GameSpew.com. When it comes to podcasting I have produced and hosted many shows, including the upcoming The Coconut Threeway podcast with friends and co-hosts Joe Magin, Chris Hunt and sometimes Luke Harrington. You can find us on twitter and facebook and hopefully soon in your ears (sounds worse than it is!)

This blog is to keep me in the writing spirit and is about all the trivial things in my life as I have completed my Masters and look into the abyss of real life.

Hey Ho!

If you want to catch me on twitter and instagram, my handle is (unorginally) @RobertTheGammon If you want to contact me in a more professional sense then e-mail me at bobsgammon@gmail.com.