Smoke & Sacrifice – Article Preview

I was lucky enough to preview Smoke & Sacrifice by Solar Sail Games.

I only have one article to preview this week, but boy is it a biggy. I was invited to London to meet the developers and founders of Solar Sail Games and play their game Smoke & Sacrifice that is coming to all major consoles and PC later this year.

It is a survival game with a twist – that twist being that this world is built with narrative in mind. You don’t build your own story here, you play through some really deeply emotional events, all while trying to survive the hostile world.

I go into more detail in my preview on GameSpew (link above). But I thought I would use this space to say how nice and helpful the Solar Sail team were, especially Neil Millstone who helped me through the demo and didn’t make the mickey out of my poor skills. I had a splendid time and I can’t wait to give the game a go when its available later this year.

Here is a steam link if you want to check it out yourself.

If you like my stuff here is a full list of my work on GameSpew


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