GameSpew Podcasts #1-3

We’re back baby!

Here is the re-uploads of your favourite gaming podcast – episodes #1-3 from Robert Gammon, Chris Hunt and Joe Magin (The Coconut Threeway)

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Episode descriptions:

#1 The Pilot

Originally aired: 2nd December 2015

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. Okay, so you probably haven’t been waiting for this at all, but at least humour us. Pretend to be excited. You should be excited. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I present to you: the GameSpew Podcast!

A weekly feature hosted by Robert Gammon, Chris Hunt and Joe Magin, the GameSpew Podcast is a discussion of all the things you love: video games, video games, video games! Discussing the latest games, the best content from the site each week, and whatever random game-related topic seems pertinent at the time, these guys are here to entertain you for one day per week.

This week, topics include (but are not limited to): dressing up Dogmeat in Fallout 4, whether or not 24: The Game should be considered for PS2 backwards compatibility, why Tomb Raider is the best reboot ever and, er, a shady character known as “Mr. Bation”.

Tune in, sit back and enjoy!


#2 The HD Remaster

Originally aired: 9th December 2015

Podcast 2: Podcast Harder! This week the GameSpew Podcast team have tried to get their heads round gaming remakes and remasters. Time to put on your headphones and have a good stumble through the latest news, views and reviews from GameSpew(s).

Robert Gammon, Chris Hunt and Joe Magin are here again to blunder through everything GameSpew and everything gaming. They are back to talk about all the video game news and reviews you love while finding the time to take potshots at one another.

This week the discussion focuses on the current craze of remaking and remastering games. From exciting prospects such as Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 getting a makeover , to the questionable proposal of Frogger 2 4K Edition. No matter how silly the game, the podcast team talk about it all. And, as always, they discuss the most recent reviews and the current Top 10 here at GameSpew.


#3 Star Wars

Originally aired: 17th December 2015

It’s the third instalment of the Official Gamespew Podcast and with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens upon us, the gang discuss their favourite games from the franchise. We again bring you the latest news, views and reviews from GameSpew(s).

Robert Gammon and Joe Magin are joined by Ed Fisher (Chris Hunt will be back) to give you the highlights of GameSpew this week and the wider world of gaming. It’s another light-hearted take on the news and views you should hear about if you love games.

This week we discuss the Star Wars games you all will know and love. There is an in-depth discussion on the original Star Wars: Battlefront and its modern counterpart. Joe admits his love for Star Wars: Lego and we all go Super Bombad Racing. Let your feelings flow through you and listen to The Official Gamespew Podcast.

Help us, you’re our only hope! What games did we miss? What were we wrong about?



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