Groovy Gammy Gaming Articles 12th March

Here is a weekly round up of my gaming articles.


Firstly I have had an amazing time playing the Open-Beta of Total War: Arena a game that mixes the brutal historical warfare we love with a quick MOBA like experience. I played so much that I have come up with six great tips that you may want to read and some clues on how to add friends, buy consumables and  unlock elephants and catapults. Some blood thirsty work.


I also had my fair share of lists published over the last few weeks with my first list being games that need to be made harder for our own enjoyment by having a ‘Ironman Mode’


Also I counted the times I was a scaredy cat and games unintentionally freaked me out!


But I can be cool so here is five games we all played when we were too young.


Here is 8 important life lessons that I have outright ignored as a gamer.


And lastly here is the 9 worst things that can happen as a gamer. With the penultimate entry getting me into trouble with my girlfriend.


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