Some Groovy Gaming Articles

I started this blog in order to plug some of some of my own work but I have completely forgotten to! So here is a list of my recent bits and bobs.


First up is my review of Crossing Souls, a game that blew me away with its engaging yet emotionally heavy story. The gameplay flows brilliantly and the puzzles take some work. Proud to give it my first ever perfect score!


Next we have 5 tips I recommend reading for any person that is participating in their first ever role playing game. These tips help you get into character and when you do that the games come much more alive. My first ever D&D character was essentially just me with spells and I never really broke the mould until I went a bit wild. Hopefully these tips will help you out!


Next up is another list – there addictively fun to write… WAIT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER LIST! – where I imagined some of the best game franchises that deserve a fighter spin-off.
I will end on the article that I had the most fun writing. I warn you it’s a lengthy one that is a hard read ;). It’s my Genital Jousting Review!

Here is a link to my array of articles on Leave some messages on the articles if you liked them, or else just piss off :).


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