Ignoring Inspiration

A tricky situation occurs forcing you to ignore your inspiration.

Writing consistently isn’t the hardest thing to do, it is trying to motivate yourself to do it that is the hardest part. Shifting your lazy arse out of bed and in front of a computer without the promise of instant gratification or reward isn’t the greatest motivation one has. It is only when you have an idea, a grain of inspiration that takes your fancy that makes writing worthwhile.

It is harder to write when that idea is one that you don’t want to fully embrace. I am currently writing my speech for my Grandad’s funeral that is harder than I thought it would be, mainly as I don’t have the emotional competence to start the blasted thing. I did write a eulogy of sorts for this blog but that was very much written to help me acknowledge his passing in my own mind, something that you don’t want to keep revisiting.

I have started it between writing this paragraph and the last. It is looking okay, though teary eyes I can see that he would be proud. I leave you with a picture of me, my dad and my Grandad.


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