One Week Later

Last week I did not blog except for the hugely interesting article preview and brilliant podcast post!

This week I aim to get back on the horse and discuss some of the reasons why I haven’t blogged. For one, I was mainly at my brothers which was a last-minute decision after he felt a bit down and wanted a bit of company. Not a problem, but chatting with him can be emotional and mentally draining. That paired with trying to write a speech for my Grandad’s funeral left me creatively pooped out. Blogs aren’t actually that important it turns out.

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It also made me a bit of a bastard. I am a massive bastard when I am stressed as I try to focus on the task at hand and not the emotions bottling up. Not the best thing emotionally to do though sometimes you do have to get on and do. However, when there is nought left to do you feel a bit awful and in my case, I act like a total nob.

This bastard behaviour is compounded when I come home and realise, my very hot room must keep its windows closed as there is a very large hornets’ nest that has moved in. The wankers have killed the honey bees.

Hey ho. I leave you with a picture of the Alps in my descent into Torino (Turin) earlier this year.


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