Robert Gammon’s Search for Meaning #2 with Ed Fisher

I am back searching for meaning with my good friend Edward Fisher.

Ed is one of the nicest guys I know, perhaps to a fault, but he constantly feels guilty for things. Whether or not he is to blame for things or whether these things are actually bad at all do not stop him worrying. What better person to discuss meaning with!

In this conversation we have scoured the idea of meaning, harking back to our time at university studying philosophy together. Fun fact: Ed and I had the same lectures and seminar timetable throughout university, including the optional first year modules of creative writing and acting, both of which we chose before meeting each other.

As kindred spirits we discuss the merits of photographs, rings and waking people up at bus stops. We inquire into the possible merits and caveats of good intentions. Overall, we seek for meaning and have a fun chat along with it.

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