Robert Gammon’s Search for Meaning #1 with Hannah Wileman

Click below to access the first podcast in my new series of interviews with the brilliant Hannah Wileman. Or you can alternatively subscribe via RSS feed, details at the bottom of this post.

This interview was a bit rusty in more ways than one. Firstly, I didn’t have my lovely studio mic and had to instead opt for an inferior recording device hopefully this isn’t too much of a turn off. Secondly, I got a bit ahead of myself and excited doing this and it certainly conveys that over-excitement.

Hannah, my previous boss in student radio (who had her own amazing country/folk show) was an excellent sport who fully engaged with the premise of the show and gave a good go at trying to explain what meaning was for her. Our chat includes Agatha Christie, Dale Winton and a transformer and even a transformer, the reasons are as wacky as you might think. But we also got some interesting philosophical thoughts going using the Ship of Theseus as our thought experiment.

All this made for an intriguing chat and a great start to these series of interviews.

Obviously this isn’t on iTunes yet and isn’t searchable in your favourite podcast app, but if you add the following RSS feed into any podcast app you will able to get latest podcast as soon as it is uploaded.


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