Planning & Announcements

I always try and plan. This was something that I only started doing a university and it has changed my life around.

I was, and still am, a person who goes with the flow and tries to take life as it comes but somethings require a plan. It sets you up with a means to set out what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Whether that be as simple as a blog post or as grand as big life choices. It gives you a nice bit of form that, if you are smart enough, you can fiddle about with later.

However, it is critical to have that leeway and let things change as circumstances do. I think that my stubbornness to have my life sorted by September, my previous goal, put a lot of stress on myself. It led me down a route on increased anxiety and made me sleepwalk into a job that I was not ready for and go into sales, something that was certainly not right for me. Much more happy behind the bar for now!

“But why am you talking about planning?” I hear you ask.

Because I have two podcast series that I am having to plan for. And, so that I get myself into gear I am formally announcing.

Firstly, there is:

The Coconut Threeway Podcast

Me, Joe Magin, Chris Hunt and Luke Harrington (The Coconut Threeway) are bringing a show that is certified to bring you silliness, random chat and laughs with of our creative radio features. It is essentially the Notorious Show from our time on radio without the music!

The second podcast is:

Robert Gammon’s Search for Meaning

I interview anyone and everyone in my search for meaning, understanding and good conversation. Using my degrees in philosophy for something at last.

Hopefully I will be able to share you some audio soon. Till then, have a good weekend!




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