Once a Scout, Always a Scout

Now I am back at home I have had a chance to help out at the one place that always makes me feel welcome.

My family have been in scouts for longer than I care to remember and nearly all (if not all) of our family have been one at one point of our life. I like to help out when I can and help assist in leading if I am around. It is hard being up at university as I am not as able to help out as much as I would like. Also, I appreciate the difference it makes at home as I know the area and the people.

Today I was able to go help out meet a lot of people who are closer than family, chat over the loss of my Grandad who was the biggest scout going. I even helped teach some map work for a future hike the group are planning. Having heard how drab the England game was I think I chose the best way possible to spend my afternoon.

If you can volunteer, it helps build confidence and community in children.

I will leave you with a picture of me when i was at the jamboree. Spot the 3 differences: 1) No Beard, 2) No Glasses (contacts), 3) Them long locks.




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