The Big 6

I like football, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, not normally for the bloggers on WordPress but I bloody love it. What I don’t like is the greed within football.

Most people, that don’t have too much idea of the structure of the footballing bodies, say it is the players on their ridiculous salaries that are the greedy ones within football. This may be somewhat true but their wages are representative of the amount of crazy oversaturated TV money that is spent of licensing games to air. However, this money and the state of affairs as it is means that certain top-flight teams believe they are entitled to far too much.

The reason football is so popular, is because it is a sport that comes from grass roots up. Unlike other sports, you do not have to go to certain schools to be introduced to it and most modern-day clubs in Britain stem from workers in industry that put a team together. This creates attachment and a belongingness that is unrivalled and therefore each team often has a huge community aspect to it. However, the Premiership as it was called then decided to cash in on this attachment and make a league that has routinely abused its position and bullied smaller clubs and made football

A lot of these clubs that found them in the Premier League happen to be lucky that their golden years have been when money has been jettisoned into the game, for the worse. It has established a top six that have taken the sportsmanship out of football, now they are deciding that the way that TV money is handed out should be even more unequal in order to benefit them. They have quoted instability as a reason and even mentioned that Leicester City’s league title was a cause  for concern.

I am sorry but you can fuck right off. The best thing to happen in sport for quite a while is a cause of concern? That statement is completely ludicrous, we should be championing the competitiveness of these leagues and the fact you can go from the bottom to the top if you play your cards right is cause for celebration. The best league in British football aren’t the leagues with the same top 6 but the ones which have real competition in them.

If the top 6 want to go off on their own then I saw let them, we’d be better off without them.

Another rant over, I leave you a picture of The Valley, my only desire.


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