A Question of Authority

When certain choices are made that affect you but you do not feel like you have the authority to challenge them, what do you do?

Have you ever been in the uncomfortable place where you know someone is doing something destructive to themselves and those around them but you are powerless to stop them? This could be due to either their own conviction that what they are doing is right and the fact that it really is their business not yours.

I am in one of those positions, there are certain issues that are occurring and I am unable to sort out. This is borne out of stubbornness made while people are not in a proper state of mind that I do not feel like I have authority to challenge. That is to say I have questioned them but when rebuffed I do not have authority to make a change. However, these decisions that have been made affect people around them for the worse. No man is an island and therefore these problems are not self-contained. I do not want to say anymore but just that conviction shouldn’t go unchecked and be sure to look at how your decisions affect those around you before it is too late.

I will leave you with a picture of my mum’s dog that I took during a long ol’ walk. This also has nothing to do with my recent loss, in case you were wondering.

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