Back At It

Before anything I would like to thank everybody who has wished me well after yesterday’s post. I have always known I have great family and friends and that support has been outstanding. Today has been much calmer as I get back to the basics.

I wake everyday now with a little routine. Wake up, get dressed, put a load of washing on and let the nurses in. They are there to help my mum’s partner who has just had major knee surgery. The reason I have to let them is my mum’s massive dog (not the ill one, that’s my dad’s one). A Husky/Alsatian mongrel he certainly can be an intimidating presense, not half due to his deep and forceful bark. His bark is much more akin to a tug boat’s horn than any normal sounding dog, and hearing it often takes me by surprise.

Afte they have been I dot around doing bits and pieces and today I have written a few articles that hopefully will be picked up, if not I will share them on here. With the therapeutic nature of yesterday’s post fresh in my mind I have decided to write a series of three articles that explore how gaming affected my mental health. Hopefully you will find it interesting I certainly have writing it.

I have also applied to do some more gaming reviews and will be publishing them here when they go out. Also, I have only just noticed that my latest review was uploaded and have hastely uploaded a preview article, enjoy!

I leave you here with a picture of me, my dad and youngest brother at The Valley for my old man’s birthday on saturday. We drew 1-1 but I enjoyed the experience despite the score as we were sitting near the drum in block J of the Covered End. Hopefully we can get a result tonight away to Walsall to make up for the scoreline.


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