Article Preview: Muv-Luv Alternative Review: Sci-Fi Titillation

This is the first game review that I have previewed on this site, hopefully you don’t mind this self-promotion (he writes on his blog). I also would like to make it clear that I didn’t realise that this game was an eroge (Japanese porn game) until I was well into the preview.

My experiences of Muv-Luv Alternative were muddled, as explained in the review article, the game suffer from bouts of extensive tedium. There is a lot of build-up and the game, like the anime genre itself, suffers from ridiculous amounts of monologing that serves no purpose than to tell you what you already know.

However, this is a case of waiting for the payload, a joke that I use too often. This game does have a lot of promise and I believe it is decent for its audience, but to be honest it wasn’t for me. Hopefully this article does a good job of explaining the redeeming factors and helps you identify if you are part of its audience.

Read the REVIEW


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